Salve Regina University Athletics - Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

Members of the student-athlete advisory committee meet regularly with the athletic director and may choose to serve on a sub-committee which will examine such areas as athletic awards, Title IX, travel/meals, academics, policies and guidelines, etc.

The role of SAAC leadership has been eliminated and replaced by board members running specific committees throughout the year.


The student-athlete advisory committee is open to any member of a Salve Regina University intercollegiate team, with preference given to an upperclassman.

Board positions available:
President - organizes the meetings, works closely with the athletic director and is responsible for making sure the concerns of student athletes are addressed.
Vice President - assists the president in his/her responsiblities.
Secretary - Keeps track of attendance, updates email lists, and sends out important information including meeting minutes.
Treasurer - responsible for keeping track of the finances of SAAC, working closely with the athletic director.
Public Relations - in charge of social media and works closely with the event coordinator.
Event Coordinator - plans and follows through with events.

*All positions work cohesively to accomplish SAAC goals and responsibilities. Sometimes one position may take over responsibility of another. Every member is expected to be at committee meetings, board meetings, and SAAC events.

SAAC Executive Board Application

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The program begins during the fall and runs through the entire academic year.

Application Process
Each team decides how its student-athlete advisory committee representative is to be selected. Some hold team elections and, in some cases, the representative is appointed by the head coach. Each team will also have an alternate who will be the representative in the absence of the initial selectee.