John Rok
John Rok
Title: Faculty Athletics Representative
Phone: (401) 341-2430
Previous College: Providence

I have been associated with Salve Regina for more than 30 years, during which I worked in various areas within student affairs. During that time I was fortunate to hold a faculty appointment and to teach a course in religious studies each semester as an adjunct member of the Department of Religious and Theological Studies. As I begin my first academic year as a full-time faculty member, I welcome the opportunity to engage students, particularly new students in Seeking Wisdom, in the intellectual life of the University, the fundamental reason why we are all here.

I believe academics constitute the heart of the University mission - and that a sincere and rigorous study of religion represents the soul of that experience. The study of the historic role of religion, the ethical and moral challenges presented by contemporary society, and an appreciation for the great religious traditions found around the world are essential for developing "responsible world citizens."

Finally, I enjoy my roles as faculty athletics representative and faculty liaison to the Office of Community Service. Participation in athletics and service provide co-curricular opportunities for students to develop qualities such as teamwork, dedication, compassion, fair play, justice and other character traits and life skills that will make them engaged public citizens. It is personally rewarding for me to be involved with students in these ways.